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36th CIHA World Congress - Lyon 2024


FAQ for panels/sessions chairs 
  • I am still looking for a French or international co-chair:

    1. The search for a co-chair may continue after the opening of the Call for papers. The name of the co-chair can be added. Please, send all the informations to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    2. The status of the co-chairs is free: professional, independent, doctoral student, junior researcher, senior researcher, etc. The person does not have to be an art historian. The 36th CIHA Congress aims at interdisciplinarity in the broad field of art history.

    3. In the case of a search for a Francophone co-chair, it is not necessary for the person to be attached to a French institution. The only criterion to be taken into account is that the person is French-speaking.

  • I am a chair of a panel but only my co-chair has access to the platform. Can I also have a personal access to the call for papers platform?

    Technically, it is unfortunately not possible to have several personal accesses to the call for papers platform. Only the person who initially submitted the session proposal can have access.

  • Only my session co-chair receives the communication sent by the congress. Is this normal?

    The papers sent by the email address "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." are made from the platform and the email address of the "principal author". Again, this is a technical issue with the platform.
    We would be grateful if you could provide the email addresses of all the co-chairs of the session so that we can send them together. We will make sure that future communications are sent to each person.

  • Is it possible to think about different formats of intervention in my panel?

    You are free to organise your session in the format and duration that you consider most appropriate. This may also be decided at a later stage, depending on the response rate to your call for papers and your final selection.
    The number of papers and the format of the discussions may vary: papers, presentations, round table, etc.
    The possibility of hanging posters is not foreseen.

  • Can chairs submit a paper within their own panel?

    No. As chairs produce an introduction, they can adjust the length of their introduction to suit the organisation of the session.

  • Can chairs submit a paper within another session?

    Yes, chairs may submit a paper within another session: one paper per session.
    A maximum of two papers for the whole Congress.

  • How long is a panel? Is the break included in this duration?

    The duration of a session is between 90 and 180 minutes, depending on the choice of the session chairs.
    The 30-minute break is not counted in the duration of the session: it is additional. For example, a 180-minute session can be divided as follows: 90 minutes / 30-minute break / 90 minutes.
    Each session will last half a day; maximum two half-days.

  • How many papers can I accept in my panel?

    The duration of a session is between 90 and 180 minutes. The number of papers in your session will depend of the organisation of your own panel.
    The Committee recommand a maximum of 8 papers for a session of 180 minutes.

  • Is it possible to include prospective speakers in the panel you wish to propose?

    Yes, it is possible to include those who have been approached. However, it should be noted that the sessions will then be open to all proposals for papers. These will be studied and selected by the session chairs in consultation with the scientific committee.

  • Can I consult the proposals for papers that have been submitted during the period of the call for papers?

    Yes, a login has been sent to you to access the submission platform for reading only. Please consult this platform regularly to follow the progress of the paper proposals within your session.
    From September 15, 2023, you will receive a new login to access the review platform. This new platform will allow you to make the final selection of papers (comments, marks, validation/refusal of paper proposals).

  • When will it be possible to make the final selection of papers within a session?

    The period for the selection of papers by chairs will be open from September 15, 2023 to October 13, 2023.


The 36th CIHA Congress is organized by:

  • CIHA
  • CFHA
  • INHA
  • CNRS
  • Lyon 2

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